Monday, May 18, 2009

The End

It is 2:00am and in three hours I will be leaving to head to the airport and make my way to the United States, leaving Chile and the life that I had led for the past 2 1/2 years.  This, of course, means the last blog post and the end of Michelle's South American Adventures.

Funny to think that if I would have stayed in South America this entire time (I went back to the US twice, once for a week and once for three weeks), today would have been my 1000th day in South America.  Instead, it is my 960th and last day.

This week has been so incredibly busy and exhausting, as my goodbye is not only my personal goodbye but the end of the Holy Cross Associates program.  Regardless, this time has allowed me to realize how much I truly love my life here and how much it will be missed.  As expected, the goodbyes with the orphanage kids was the hardest task of the week and leaving John and Brian here will no doubt be difficult as well.

I am so incredibly blessed for the experience that I have had here over the last few years, both good and bad.  It has been truly life altering and I cannot imagine the person I would be without this experience.  As I leave, I know that this experience has soaked into my bones and Chile will always run through my blood.  It is a large part of who I am now and who I will always be.

Thank you to all my friends and family here in Chile for your kindness, friendship, and generous spirit.  Thank you to my friends and family in the US for your love and support while I went on this crazy journey.  

Until the next adventure,


Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto...
Chi Chi Chi! Le Le Le!  Viva Chile!!!


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長見識了,謝謝你! ........................................

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