Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Well, it has been a while since I have posted on the blog. Nothing much has happened since I returned from my Peru trip late February.

School has started again and every day the weather gets a bit more like Fall. I spend my time at school three days a week, assisting the school in the transition of the exchange program I created to the newly hired director and making a little bit of money by being a personal assistant to the principal of the school. Other than that, I am continuing to visit people and their houses and spend time with my housemates.

Every day, too, I am reminded more and more how little time I have here. After 2 years in Chile and 2 ½ years total in South America, I have just two more months until I return to the United States permanently. Early March I was notified that I was accepted to graduate programs in nonprofit management at both Indiana University and New York University. My mind is pretty set on going to New York, but financial aid will confirm my decision soon. Either way, my mind is torn between enjoying the remaining amount of time I have here and excitedly looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead.

Now that I do not have the GREs to study for, graduate program applications to fill out, or preparation for the exchange program to coordinate, I have a bit of free time. The result is the following movie I created about my trip to Peru and the north of Chile. Enjoy!

Unfortunately to place the video on this blog, I had to put it on youtube, which made me split it into 3 parts.  After placing it online, I was notified the song I used for the first part was not authorized and was the first part does not have music now.  It is a 1930s jazz song if you want to try to imagine it in your head, haha


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