Saturday, January 24, 2009

Michelle's Adventures, plain and simple

After a month in Kansas City visiting family for the holidays, I returned to Santiago, Chile to begin two months of non-stop travel.  On January 18, sixteen 17 year old girls and I traveled to Washington, DC for the International Student Program.  

It was pure coincidence that this year's trip was scheduled for the same week as the Presidential Inauguration.  Yet, it was an amazing honor to be witness to the ceremony and once-in-a-lifetime event.  Despite battling the enormous crowds, we survived.

This morning I returned from Washington, DC after a 11 hour flight.  Tomorrow morning (rather, in about 2 hours of this posting), I am going to fly to the north of Chile then backpack my way through Peru (Machu Picchu here i come!!) and Bolivia (Cochabama and host family here I come!) until the end of February.  I am quite excited about this journey.

I hope to write more when I return, as well as post some great videos.  Who knows where life will take us...for now, it is off to bed.



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