Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Details Confirmed

Alright everyone, it's official - my ticket back to the US *permanently* has been bought! Here are the details:

Monday 18May Avianca Air Lines
Flight 98 Santiago 07:25am- Bogota 12:25pm
Flight 8 Bogota 06:15pm- Miami 10:55pm

Tuesday 19May Delta Air Lines
Flight 1982 Miami 05:45am- Atlanta 07:39am
Flight 1639 Atlanta 10:55am- Kansas City 12:13pm

Until this date it will be lots of good times and some tears. I have had a hard time coming to terms with leaving Chile for good...this is my life here. My identity. It is hard for me to remember life when I didn't live outside of the US. But, while I definitely do not want to leave, I ready knowing this is the next step in life and comforted by all those that support me, both here in Chile and in the United States.

Please keep my gpa and gma in your prayers.

:-) M


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